Opus Aircraft

Opus Aircraft is a manufacturer focused on the production of an all aluminum aircraft. The goal of this was to produce an aircraft that could fall under the sport category and therefore be much more accessible training wise. A regular aircraft requires 40 hours of certified flight. However, to be a sport pilot only requires 20 hours of training, making it a very accessible goal. A major factor of importance is that this was a research endeavor and not a profit endeavor. Begun by Richard Noble, an award winning pilot, the OPUS team was focuesed on furthering aviation as much as possible.

Major Services

1. Computer Testing
We are a Lasergrade computer testing station and can administer any FAA written test. This allows us to conduct training for our specialty aircraft in person.
2. Structural Repair
We have certified aircraft techs on hand at all times. While they do spend a majority of their time working on our custom projects, they are often available for contract work.
3. Flight Training: ATP operates in our vicinity
Contact Henry Southern. His Certifications include: ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, and an award as an FAA Gold Seal Instructor. He can be contacted at HenryCSouthern@privateflight.com
4. Quality Aircraft Washing and Waxing
Contact Chad Huynh. He operates The Flying Sponge. We contract out all professional cleaning to them. He can be found at cHuynh@teleworm.us.