Important Press and Activities

6/10/2014 - 12/10/2016

Opus is planning a large amount of events to keep our ideas around throughout the next year. We have partnered with ____ to form a long term travel agreement that will allow us to share what we learned. Here is the list of major events:

Event #1 -- Chicago

The first event is going to be occuring at Chicago. The Chicago event is going to involve a showing of the Opus, a brief speaking from our lead engineer, a motivational talk from our CEO and a few giveaways. Our goal in Chicago is to make the Opus a more well known company.
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Event #2 -- Aspen

Second event is going to be occuring in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is one of the most commonly traveled to FBOs in the west. We are going to be appealing to the aviation enthusiasts who frequent the area as well as showing off the high altitude capabilities of the Opus.
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Event #3 -- Orlando

We plan to be attending the NBAA conference. We want to spend this time demonstrating the decoration and the look of the OPUS. The all aluminum has been very difficult to work with but it has been very rewarding to see the results and we think you will be pleased as well.
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Event #4 -- Miami

Miami is a beautiful place to fly over and is an absolute treasure to travel to. We expect to spend this time traveling to the city and encouraging people to preorder the product. We will have extreme design finiese and have showcases for the opus.
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Event #5 -- New York

New York is going to be an event focused on raising investment capital. We have multiple interested parties in the city and we hope to spend the time raising large dollar investments to allow growth.
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Event #6 -- Teterboro

Teterboro is going to be an event focused on spreading awareness of the amount of emmisions private pilots produce. The Opus benefits from this by having higher effeciency than any other craft of its size and safety.
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Other Events

Cleveland | Boston | New Haven | Providence | Tampa Bay | Palm Beach