Technical Info: OPUS Super2

At Opus aircraft there is a constant push for excellence. When the Sport category of aircraft was first announced, dozen of the Opus competitors rushed through production with multiple aircraft to snatch up the new market. The resultant aircraft were either too slow to be enjoyed or had too many restrictions on when they could be flown. Those manufacturerers were treating sport pilots as though they were just like ultralight afficionados. Opus however attempt to put out a prodct that was more like regular aircraft. It all came down to using the proper manufacturing methods as well as attacking the new ideas in the field head on to create the best possible aircraft with the alloted weight.

Product Tech-Specs

Airframe | All-metal construction
Wingspan | 28'6"
Fuselage length | 18'0"
Wing area | 92.5 sq.ft
Gross weight | 1168 lbs
Empty weight | 727 lbs
Wing loading | 12.6 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading | 14.6 lbs/hp
Engine | 80 hp
Fuel tank capacity | 13.1 US gallons,