About Opus Aircraft

The OPUS Super 2 is a derivative of the ARV Super 2 originally produced by ARV Aviation LTD. The ARV was originally the brainchild of Richard Noble who you may remember successfully attained the world land speed record at Black Lake, Nevada in 1983. While traveling back and forth training for his record attempt, Richard learned how to fly. After obtaining his record, Noble returned to the United Kingdom to find that flying is expensive. Noble came up with the idea to develop a small modern light aircraft. The ARV Super 2 was the solution to make aviation affordable to Aviators. Due to the costs of research and development, Noble and his technical staff had to abort their efforts. Noble was able to produce 30 high quality aircraft which are still flying to this day.

Today, the Opus team has been dissolved yet again. The product to the left under the name the opus 3 is one of the next generation of Noble's ideas. This craft offers even more luxury, even better control, and even less weight than the previous generations. While the companies may rise and fall, the ideas that Opus have left behind will affect the aviation community for quite a while. One of the largest impacts has been the lowering of barrier of entry to the sport flight category.